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I honestly don't know quite what worked, but i did a clean install of Firefox and updated Chrome, and also all of my addons/ extensions. I have a funny feeling though that the old AdBlock Plus caused some of the problem.

About 95% percent of the time when I click download the page just refreshes over and over. I'm not able to download at all. I Google'd it and tried the fixes, but it doesn't work. I haven't changed anything in my browser and/or setup in months, but this started about 3-4 days ago. It would be greatly appreciated if someone has any suggestions.

What I've done.

Stopped AbBlock Plus
Allowed pop-ups
cleared cache and cookies
restarted (several times)
tried IE and Chrome as well my default Firefox
copying link to a new tab


Hello sim world, how I've missed you.

I know I put something over on my simblr, but I do consider this my sim home (and now that I've fixed that pesky password issue) I wanted to stop by and say Hai o/... I debated long and hard about coming back to the community, but in the end I realized that I've felt more "at home" here than anywhere else.
A bit of why I was gone for so long is under the cut, you really don't have to read it, but I just started rattling on and on. So up to you...

TL;DR...I'm back for the pretty but can't make stuff anymore ;_;

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Good News and bad news

I've moved to another state, started a new job and school started back up. So I've been very busy. Which helps with taking my mind of the bad news...the hand/wrist is still in pain pretty much all the time. Maybe work and school has made it worse, but I'm going to be frank and say that I don't think I'll be simming any time in the near future. I've stopped even browsing Tumblr, LJ and DW because I get way too depressed about it. So I'm going to officially be on hiatus.

I love you guys, but it makes me too sad to see simming all around and I can't do anything about it.

Better news about the hand

No surgery needed, at least at this point, apparently the bones while not broken are bruised in several places and the sprain made the swelling around the tendons worse than it was before. He said that he will re-evaluate again on 10/30 and we will know the final result. Right now immobilizing it and complete resting of the hand right now will be the best recourse right now.


I have some really bad news

Whining under the cut, sorry to clutter people's f-list with this but I feel bad about not saying anything

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Good news about the hand and wrist

THE CAST IS OFF!!!!!! But I got the brace back on 4 more weeks, and PT for 6 weeks. But I’m getting to close to being ready to start being able to do anything beyond moaning and  mooning about not being able to properly Sim. It's still pretty sore, but I'm so glad to have that cast off, and the doc says once the swelling goes down, some of the pain will go away too.


Dress Sale here

under the cut you'll find the technical details and download links, thanks for you patience <3

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For the July theme of Maxis Match and Similsh, I couldn't resist sharing these, we'd started on these before I got hurt and I was going to just hold on to them for a big post, but why do that.

So go check out the thread there's already some great stuff there.

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Good news...Sort of